Natural interactions for medical image analysis

Interaction-Design Master Thesis

Geeky Radiologists

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I was happy to find out that there are some really geeky Radiologists out there. During my research I found some interesting projects for Radiologists. Multitouch, iPhone Apps and hacked Wiimotes are things I didn’t really expect to find in the medical field. I feel pretty supported by these projects in my thoughts about a futuristic and natural-user interface for Radiologists. Especially the big number of different iPhone Apps for medical purposes made me think about ubiquitous computing for Radiologists.

We are planning to visit a hospital next week. I am really looking forward to see Radiologists at work and see if my ubiquitous computing thoughts make any sense here. I think it mainly depends on the Radiologists workspace, how often does he/she move, in which situations do they need the information, what kind of people do they interact with…

Reporting a CT scan with a Wiimote

Osirix (medical image viewer) for iPhone

BrainLab: Digital Lightbox Multitouch Display for surgeons and physiciansbrainLab multitouch


Written by Jannes

January 25, 2009 at 16:17

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