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Anatomy Education Applications (and Illustrations)

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Anatomy illustrations are widely used in medical education and as far as I know Radiologists use them to identify diseases. Looking at medical illustrations and education practices is interesting for this project. In medical illustrations people thought about how they illustrate the human body to show specific important things they want to tell you about. In my opinion a goal of the development of medical scans is to reach the quality of medical illustrations (generated by a computer). This would probably make the work of Radiologists much easier. There is a ton of information about medical illustrations out there…  So I close the research on this topic for now.

A thought that came to my mind while looking at all the fascinating illustrations: What if medical scans would have such a high resolution that they could display individual cells or even atoms?


Medi-Mation – Medical & Scientific Visualization

Following you’ll find 3 interactive educational tools for human anatomy. They show interesting ways how to visualize the human body and also some nice interface ideas how to view it.


This is one of the most fascinating findings in my research so far. Its a super realistic 4D simulation of the heart. You can see the heart beating and view it from all angles, turn parts of the heart transparent, and slice it to view it from the inside (all this while it is beating!). It blew my mind how realistic all this looks. Its amazing! It also simulates Ultrasound images as they are used in heart examinations. The purpose of this application is to educate students. Therefor they also have a Mannequin that is connected to the application to simulate true-to-life Ultrasound examinations. This is very interesting for me, because its not only a incredible software but also a new medical tangible interface.

You really have to see the videos on their homepage to understand the scope of this project!



is a full human anatomy visualization tool. It’s a complex 3D model of the human body and all its organs. picture-8 They had some nice ideas how to navigate through the very complex human body. The heart of the interface is a sidebar on the left side. It’s a hierarchical library of systems, groups and objects of human body parts and organs. You can click any of these and the 3D model will zoom into this system/group/object and blend out other body parts for better viewing. You can also click any part in the 3D model to highlight it, the sidebar will tell you the name of this part and which groups/systems it belongs to. You can also type to search for body parts.

They have a online demo of their software.


Heart Bloodflow

this interactive flash doens’t even have a name. It shows the heart and its bloodflow. I found it interesting because it shows blood flow and also pressure/volume/time graphs of it. Does any medical scan output/generate graphs or any other information than 2D/3D/4D images? Imagine this in combination with HeartWorks…



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January 28, 2009 at 11:10

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