Natural interactions for medical image analysis

Interaction-Design Master Thesis

Week 2 summary

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In last weeks summary I formulated 8 topics for my research. This week I mostly concentrated on visualization techniques. I reviewed my research plan and marked everything I covered this week in green. Next week I have meetings with Application Specialists and a hospital visit. I am also planning to start my official research on Natural Interfaces (but actually this is the field in which I have a lot of knowledge already, I just need to connect it to Radiology). I marked next weeks research areas in blue. I briefly touch all these areas, depending on my final direction I might need to continue my research on some of these topics later on.

Automated Image Comparison and CAD seems to be the most difficult research area for me. I tried to get some information, but it is hard to find. Papers I found are dealing mainly with math and algorithm for detecting patterns and comparing images. That’s not helping me at all…

– Natural Interfaces, Touchscreens and beyond
– Automated Image Comparison (and artificial Intelligence and CAD)
– Image viewing, editing and enhancement
Data Visualization (with medical 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D? data in mind)
Healthcare 2.0 (everything goes digital: teleradiology, PACS, EMR)
– Radiologists today (workflow, human interactions, technology usage, problems etc…)
– Medical Imaging (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine and how these work together)
– Market research of devices and concepts

I think hospital visits and actually talking to some professionals in Radiology is most important for my progress at this moment. So I am looking forward to next week. I also contacted the University Hospital in Umea, so I have at least to hospitals to compare.

Also I tried to get some feedback from Radiologists in online communities. I haven’t found a lot communities. One community actually didn’t allow me access. They didn’t explain why… (maybe because I am a designer and not a radiologist?) and at the AuntMinnie forum I got some interesting an some funny/stupied replies. Actually people got into a little fight about the future of Radiology. Also remarkable: nobody really responded directly to my 5 questions. maybe I have to change the way I ask? Let’s see what real life radiologists think of my questions.

In my weekly check in with my mentor Mine we were talking about scenarios this project could be placed in. I was thinking that I might need to narrow the project down, maybe design the whole concept around one disease or one special scan technique. Actually I am hoping to get some feedback from the professionals next week – what scenarios do they think are interesting to explore? Since the project is set into the future it is also important that we look at future trends of technology and maybe even more important trends in diseases to find a scenario for this project.
Another way to go could be to set the whole project even further in the future. I mentioned my idea about scanning individual body cells and atoms earlier. Another idea that came to my mind today was a wearable body scanner. So your body is scanned all the time. In case of a problem or disease the physician would actually have access to the total origination and development. Also in case of a accident it could give a lot of helpful data. CAD could be used to detect diseases and in case of an abnormality a physician could be called. Is this like Big Brother for your body? I don’t think so, as long as the person has total control when to send data out…


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January 30, 2009 at 17:46

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