Natural interactions for medical image analysis

Interaction-Design Master Thesis

Norrlands University Hospital, Umea, Sweden

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The basic workflow at the radiology department at NUH is basically the same as described earlier for UMC Utrecht.
However there are some minor differences between the two hospitals. It seems like NUH Umea and healthcare network in Sweden in general is a bit ahead of other countries.
At UMC Utrecht radiology requests forms are still written on paper and than scanned and digitalized. Because some of their systems is already upgraded to digital networked technology and some is not, they have this weird mix of paper and digital data.
This is different in Sweden, here they nearly completed the transfer to computer technology. Requests to the radiology department are send and edited in an email-like hopsital internal system.
Sweden also has a nation-wide healthcare network called Sjunet. All hospitals are connected to this network and can share information. This could be patient history and pictures from previous body scans.
In my “directions: 4 – prognosis” I pointed out the trend to more prognosis instead of diagnosis-only at the radiology department. At NUH Umea there is a designated conference room for this purpose. Radiologist present specific cases to a group of specialists. Together they will discuss the case and propose a treatment for the patient. The whole system is designed for these rounds. Radiologists can choose rare, difficult or interesting cases and schedule them for a round. They just drag-and-drop the cases to a digital calender. Some cases are automatically scheduled for rounds by the computer according to a protocol defined by the hospital.



Written by Jannes

February 26, 2009 at 15:42

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