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Video and Hard/Software Sketching Tests

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Because my last two weeks were so slow, I had the feeling I should just start building stuff. And while doing so I realised why this is still my favourite part in the design process – make things (work). Sketching with hard/software and video (still) takes more time than sketching on paper, but I think it triggers more ideas and gets more feedback from other people… also its more fun!

Augmented reality is one direction I’d really like to push this project to. This is a quick and (very) dirty test in video sketching. Basic idea is a 2D image on a interactive table – use a handheld device to look at it in 3D.

I was using After Effects with some keying effects to key out my hand with the mobile device. Mocha motion tracking (for AE) to track the mobile device screen. I imported a 3D model of a brain into AE and tried to match the 3D camera movement from inside AE. Images on the table are exported from Osirix (medical image viewer).

Notcot has a nice collection of augmented reality projects using fiducial markers. These kind of projects are really inspiring and I am sure I could use something similar for a radiology interface. I tried to work with the ARToolKit to make some sketches with this technology, but it is not working as I want it to work (yet).

Here is a first screenshot of my sketch… its tracking the fiducial markers quite well (blue and red squares are virtual), but I can’t get the 3D model (teapot) to react accordingly.


off topic:

Uh yeah… in this screenshot you also see some cool “windows vista hacking”. I had to use a virtual keyboard to make a screenshot because my macbook doesn’t have a “Print” key and Windows Vista Basic doesn’t have the “snipping tool”


Written by Jannes

February 26, 2009 at 16:14

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  1. can you believe it… I am actually using MS Paint in this screenshot!!!


    February 27, 2009 at 09:57

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