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Eyetracking concepts

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Jannes: I wonder why there are no specialized tools for radiologists. Your main tools are still mouse and keyboard.
Radiologist: Our main tools are our eyes!

I think I began fantasysing about an Eye Tracking Project since I’ve started my first interaction-design course 2.5 years ago. A main problem was that there is no way for me to prototype it… using eyetracking to control a computer is a very new way of interfacing and it’s hard to just think of it without being able to actually try it out.

Still I have this idea of using eyetracking to enhance the radiologists work. Radiologists watch and compare pictures, they need to espy patterns and abnormalities in these pictures. But for navigating through the pictures they need to use mouse and keyboard.

My simplest concept in this direction is not eyetracking but headtracking. You can move your head to see a 3D model from different perspectives (just like in real life). Johnny Chung Lee has a nice presentation using the wiimote for headtracking.

Something more interesting could be a eyetracking and touch interface combined. Looking at a picture selects it, making a touch gesture at the same time zooms it. Here is a quick video sketch I did for this concept… the concept is not brilliant, but I think it has potential.


Written by Jannes

March 6, 2009 at 18:20

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