Natural interactions for medical image analysis

Interaction-Design Master Thesis


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Dicom image viewers have the ability to show scanned images with different filters applied. It helps in situations where the radiologist is interested in only some of the body parts. For example there could be a filter that shows only the bones and another filter that shows only the blood vessels. I was thinking about how to combine these different “layers” of information and came up with this concept of “viewing-lenses”. You can drag these lenses over the picture and see different layers of information.
Imagine a touch table with tangible-sheets like in the Microsoft Second Light project… or maybe is better to be able to change the shape and size of the layers. Another idea that came to my mind was combining the lenses – one that shows the bones, another that shows the blood-vessels, put them over each other to see bones and blood-vessel at the same time.

Here is a quick flash prototype to illustrate the idea:


Taking the whole idea and mixing it with my cube interface concept could also be interesting…



Written by Jannes

March 12, 2009 at 18:41

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