Natural interactions for medical image analysis

Interaction-Design Master Thesis

mid-semester review

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We had our mid-semester review yesterday with all my fellow students, Matt from Tellart, Mattias and Mikael. For my presentation I prepared an overview of my research and also sorted my concepts from the ideation phase. I sorted and categorized 3 main concepts for my mid-semester review – the plan is to choose one of these in the end of this week and start the “design phase”.

This picture is an index of things I’ve done for this project so far:


I got some interesting feedback during and after my presentation. Read on to see the feedback…

A: Multitouch (video, workspace setups)

The multitouch gestures I am using in the concept video are very basic and simple. what is the next step to make this a professional tool for radiologists. This multitouch interface does not need to be easy, its a professional tool and should become a “powertool” for radiologists. If it is a good device with advantages compared to a normal radiologist workspace (e.g. timesaving) they will take the time to learn it. (this can be applied to all my concepts)
So I should think about interactions with 8 fingers at the same time, what is possible here? also thinking about richer interactions… an example: two fingers to rotate an image – if they are close to each other you will rotate the image really fast. if the fingers are far from each other you have a really precise (slow) control over the rotation.

I really liked the idea of a drawing-table (just an angled table) for the touchscreen workspace.

B: 3D Interface (video1, video2)

I should compare this concept to existing 3D interfaces like the Spacenavigator. Is the cube interface really better or what are the advantages/disadvantages?

I’ve got a lot of questions why I chose the cube and not actual models of the bodyparts. Maybe this is something to reconsider… also everybody really liked the idea of printing bodyparts from the acquired scans. Apparently there are already companies printing “real” bones and organs. This is definetly a very interesting idea to explore. I should dig up my concept sketches about 3D printing.

C: Healthcare Network (description and wireframes)

I haven’t received so much feedback around the idea of interfacing with the healthcare network. Maybe ist because I didn’t have any videos to show about this topic. Also because its definitly the most complex concept sketch so far.


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March 18, 2009 at 19:51

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