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Visualization of medical Scans

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Today I tried to get some more information on Medical Data Visualization. There is a lot of very interesting looking visualizations out there. But as I discussed with my mentor Mine, it’s always nice to have nice looking visualizations especially for us designers, but the more important questions should be if it is helpful in any way for the Radiologists to read the data.

Researching for this post reminded me of the Bodies Exhibition I visited a while ago. I am not sure if the Bodies Exhibition can be titled as art, but I think it could be very inspiring for this project, because its displaying human bodies and its parts in a lot of different and interesting ways. Slicing the human body and extracting special organs is exactly what I found in Radiology.

1. picture shows a full human body but only the blood vessels.
2. sliced up human body
3. human skull with arteries and veins in different colors


Following you’ll find a collection of different ways to visualize medical scans:

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January 26, 2009 at 18:32

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