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Animation Wireframes

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I am going to use a two screen setup (similar to the Philips Reading Room 2020) for this project. The idea is to seperate touch and viewing screen to have a ergonomic touch-screen and a comfortable viewing angle for the viewing screen. Also I am planning on reducing the information on the viewing screen to the minimun – what means only the images without any GUI or other information. All information is going to be displayed on the touch-screen area.

This video shows some animation wireframes how these two screens could be related.


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April 19, 2009 at 12:33

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Graphical User Interface

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All my scenarios and prototypes until now had now common graphic design at all.  I didn’t want to spent to much time on the graphical user interface (for now). But I think its time to give the project a nice visual touch.

I think VJing interfaces can be a great source of inspiration, because they are specialized in working under dark (and difficult) light conditions. Its a similar environment as in the radiologists reading room, in which the light is dimmed to enable a better viewing of the images. Also for VJing and radiology both the visual output is the most important.

Lemur is a multitouch VJing tool with a very bright and clean graphical interface.

Another source of inspiration is data visualization and aesthetics. Here the aim is to visualize data in a attracting way and more importantly make the meaning behind the data easy understandable. If you think about radiology in this way, it’s less about viewing xray images, but about making the (body)data understanable to the radiologist, physicians, surgeons, patients…

imformation aesthetics and visual complexity are great collections of visualizing data (and tow of my all-time favourite blogs)

An interesting trend I see in multitouch interfaces is the lack of graphical user interfaces at all. If the interaction with the content is so natural and easy to understand, we might not need buttons, frames, sliders, icons, tools, mousepointers etc…

I want to create a clean interface that is not distracting from the images/data, but still enables a easy interaction. The interface also should support the reading of the data and the understanding of relationships between the different sources of data.


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April 10, 2009 at 08:46

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Do you know any XRay-like scans in Science Fiction movies?

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I have all these pictures of fancy body scans in my head, but can’t remember in which movies I saw them. Can you think of any examples of (medical) body scans in movies, books or computer games?

I am hoping to find some other inspiration than serious medical topics…. to open up my mind a bit.

Here are some examples I’ve found so far (here is the fun part of design research: watching movies!)

Total Recall: airport security scan that automatically detects weapons and colors them red.


following you also find examples from The Island, Star Trek and the 5th Element…

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January 29, 2009 at 16:45