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3D screen concept

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I was wondering how we could display 3D images. There is a couple of different technologies to do it.

Caveman is virtual environment that is also used to view anatomic 3D models. of course there is also projects about stereopscopic 3D viewing (with fancy 3D glasses) for radiology.


I am not sure not about these technologies. I don’t like wearing weird glasses and also whenever I used these 3D glasses it stressed my eyes a lot. The radiologist is working with device all day long and also its annoying to give glasses to everybody whenever you want to show something. The Caveman virtual environment is cool, but doesn’t fit into the all-day workflow. It uses a whole room and also you need special headsets.

Here is an idea I had about viewing 3D images (or at least 3D slices). It’s 3 screens arranged to form a corner of a cube/box. So each screen is displaying one of the 3 planes of a 3D system. The second image is mixed with my idea of augmented reality, the brain is a physical model… its position is tracked, so you could rotate and move it to change the projection in the 3 screens.



Written by Jannes

March 5, 2009 at 12:18